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  • DHS Issues Notices of Proposed Rulemaking for EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

    DHS proposes to increase the standard and TEA minimum investment amounts to $1.8 million and $1.35 million respectively for 2017. It also wants to take TEA designation out of state hands. Additionally, DHS proposes to bifurcate the Regional Center designation process and create a mandatory exemplar filing requirement. 

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Update: H-2B Visa Cap Reached for First Half of 2017

USCIS has reported that the H-2B cap for the first half of fiscal year 2017 has been reached as of January 10, 2017. This was the final receipt date for new H-2B worker petitions, subject to the congressionally mandated cap, requesting an employment start date before April 1, 2017.  The cap is set at 33,000 H-2B workers for each half-year period. The second half of fiscal year 2017  begins on April 1, 2017. However, USCIS accepts filings in excess of the cap due to the potential for denials, withdrawn petitions, or changes in employer needs since the filing of their petitions.

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